Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What will you at the 60th Anniversary Parade

Having heard so much about the 60th Anniversary parade, I really want to watch it on TV. I found out that I can watch it on CCTV 9 or on the Internet Live, or watch it on Kylin TV in the U.S starting at 9:00pm tonight. ChinaSprout will also carry a DVD of the parade. If you cannot watch it on TV Live, please check out our site after October 12th, when it should be available.

What will you see at the parade? Here is a quick overview of highlights of the parade. I have translated some of them:

  • 1949名男青年将高擎600平方米的五星红旗健步走过天安门广场。
    1949 men will hold a national flag that is in the size of 600 square meter (6,000 sq. ft.) (The People's of Republic of China was founded in 1949, that's why they choose 1949 men. I also heard on the radio that all of these men are about the same height of 1.85m, that's very tall for Chinese!)
  • 国徽方阵携国徽彩车亮相 人数创历次庆典之最. 该方阵由2009人组成,长46米,宽41米,是所有仪仗方阵中最大的。
    One of parade cars measures 46x41 meter (151x134 feet) and 2009 men walked around the car to form the float (in 2009).
  • 世界最大广场将展示最大的画卷: 群众游行部分的背景展示的最大亮点是《江山如此多娇》巨幅国画。画布总面积近2万平方米,重3吨。
    The largest painting in the world will be on display in the background of the parade. Its total size is 20,000 sq. m (65,616 sq. ft.), and it weighs 3 tons.
  • 最大的广场音乐会: 1500人联合军乐团,2100人成人合唱团,300人童声合唱团,130人民族打击乐团,将站立表演3个多小时
    The largest open air concert comprised of a 1,500 person orchestra, 2,100 adult chorus, 300 children chorus and a 130 traditional Chinese drum bCheck Spellingand is being performing on the square for 3 hours.
  • 阅兵方队和梯队: 这次阅兵共编了56个方队和梯队,其中徒步方队14个,装备方队30个,空中梯队12个。
    There are 56 military parade floats including 14 floats of soldiers, 30 floats of equipment, and 12 floats of airplanes.
  • 群众游行方队:10万游行群众组成36个方阵。
    36 floats of 100,000 people parade.
  • 背景展示表演: 8万学生将在天安门广场上,表演41幅、49次变化的文字和图案背景,约1万名青少年形成七色光弧形桥。
    80,000 students will perform 41 diagrams and characters that change 49 times, and 10,000 students will form a rainbow bridge.

And read this New York Times aritle about the paprade and an AP report about the preparation of parade.