Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How to Make an Origami Rabbit

We're experiencing yet another winter storm, and the kids are home from school today. This has me searching for things to keep them busy.  With the Year of the Rabbit only two days away, I went looking for projects related to Chinese New Year and found some fun rabbit origami projects.  Who knew that there are so many different ways to make origami rabbits?  The projects range from easy to difficult and are great for sharing in a classroom or at a Chinese New Year party (or, in our case, for doing when you're snowbound).

If your children find themselves enjoying creating origami rabbits and are looking for more projects, ChinaSprout carries a great selection of origami paper and kits as well as  origami books for all ages.

Have fun watching these fun origami videos. And, if you create any of them yourself, please be sure to share pictures! We would love to see your Year of the Rabbit bunnies!

Easy Origami Bunny Face

Make an Origami Rabbit

How to Make an Origami Inflatable Bunny

How to Make an Origami Jumping Rabbit



Cait said...

Oh, fun. Good craft to do for the little kids on the Year of the Rabbit! My kids love making animals!