Friday, June 20, 2008

My Stylish Olympics

Can Olympic clothes be fashionable? Most people certainly don't associate fashion and the Olympics! I remember when I first told a friend that ChinaSprout was the official licensee for the Beijing Olympic products. She said, “That’s great! But I am not interested in any sporty fashions.” Wow, that wasn't what I had in mind when I worked so hard to get that license! I am a person who isn't typically interested in athletic wear, but the Beijing Olympic products this year are so unique they defy traditional sports wear.

The range of Beijing Olympics products is exceptional this year! I would say more than 80% of products in all categories aren't sports-related, but have more to do with Chinese culture. Check out these accessories, home d├ęcor, toys, and stationery.

Have you ever seen such Olympic products during any other Olympic games? This is truly a first. Beijing 2008 Olympic products focus on Chinese culture, a theme illustrated in every item. Look at this T-shirt, decorated with sports pictograms that look like Chinese calligraphy. And this shirt is printed with Chinese peonies.

Few people associate the Olympics with jewelry, but these accessories are unique and elegant with Chinese elements that coordinate easily with any outfit.

And these thermoses and mugs are designed with mascots that children and adults alike love.

The mascot for the Paralympics is so cute that some children sleep with it! I didn’t carry this mascot until one woman told me how much her daughter loved the Paralympic mascot, but not the Olympic mascots. She bought one in Beijjing for her daughter and now all her cousins want it, too.

For all these reasons, ChinaSprout is the only official licensee in the US that imports these products from China. Of course, to promote the Olympic spirit and Chinese culture, we became part of CCTV’s exciting program “My Stylish Olympics.” I was honored to be invited to Beijing in May to attend the opening ceremony. You can see the photos and watch the video below! Here is a short film broadcast on CCTV. Enjoy!